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Skad - Delivery Scooter
Skad Story - Delivery Scooter
Skad - Delivery Bike

SKAD is the new era of delivery vehicle, it has redefined the concept and is set to become a legend in the scooter industry across the globe.

SKAD was founded 8 Years ago by a company who owned several fast food chains in Australia and was continuously looking for new marketing methods to make his business stand out from the crowd.

After many attempts to increase business by distributing flyers and promotional menus around cities, we became frustrated at the response, often finding the expensive marketing material discarded and littered, we went back to the drawing board and Created SKAD.

This concept is like no other in the World. We had provided a solution to meet both our marketing budget and delivery needs. The mass of delivery bikes around the city were untidy, unsafe, unhygienic and had no real advertising capability, the focus shifted to the most obvious problem the box.

After much trial and error an illuminated 3-panel delivery box prototype was finally created, many years of continued research produced a globally patented, moulded box ready to Market.

This still wasn't enough, with unwavering drive and passion, not being satisfied with just producing the Box; we also designed the perfect scooter to integrate it with. Taking urban delivery to a completely new and exciting level.

With the core principals of Safety, Style and quality SKAD integrated the box with the first production 150cc scooter.

SKAD GROUP has continued to test and perfect the model with large investment into the grass roots of its production, we have employed a number of highly qualified engineers and technicians to continually oversee our assembly and ensure our product completely exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We are now excited to bring you the first generation, EU approved 125cc and 150cc to Europe and Australia. For further information on becoming our partner for Distribution or Assembly please contact us!