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Our primary aim is to be the leader in distributor networks providing SKAD Group customers with a premium sales, service and support experience.

Skad are looking for regional partners to assemble Skad bikes and products within their own countries.

  • Skad will lend own engineers to train and set up.
  • Skad will license the technology
  • Partners will assemble bike in own region
  • Exclusive rights to Skad products within Regions/Countries

Once our Business Development team have thoroughly reviewed your application, you will be contacted directly by a member of the SKAD team to take discussions to the next level, if your application meets our selection criteria. The second level primarily focuses on your financials and proposed plans for SKAD Group.

We do receive a high number of applications, we trust that you understand that under no circumstances does the submission of your application to SKAD Group imply in any manner to our intention to accept you as an assembler or enter into an agreement with you.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to receiving your application. Upon receipt of your application, an email will be sent from our Business Development team confirming your application has been received. If you do not receive this email, please resubmit your application immediately.

To fill out the online application to become a SKAD Assembly Partner please click on apply below